strategic communications

Through the use of today's modern technology, we have seen the increased capacity that organizations have to reach targeted audiences and establish a presence regardless of size or budget.  


But with the opportunity comes new responsibilities, as it is no longer enough to just put out a press release or post a new blog entry. You must work strategically to craft those messages and ensure that they are synced with your engagement plan.


Clay understands this and will work with you to amplify your message to all of your audiences while ensuring that your 'voice' doesn't get lost in the translation. 


Clay's accomplishments include:


-  Led public affairs efforts for Focus Features in support of the World Premiere of the movie MILK, resulting in an increased number of government officials in attendance and established new political relationships between the studio and key civic and non-profit organizations.


-  Led public relations with global brands including Trader Vic's Restaurant Group, Zale Jewelers and Avery Dennison North America; Launched new brands through global strategic media campaigns that increased sales while ensuring the unique cultural and political identities of the regions were respected.


- Appointed U.S. Government Representative to the Development Communicators Network of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), a forum of 35 democratic governments that work together to promote economic growth, prosperity and sustainable development.