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As the former Director of Protocol & Special Events at USAID, Clay saw a unique opportunity for a partnership between the National Museum of American Diplomacy and Revelations Entertainment, the production company behind the CBS Television Show Madam Secretary

For six seasons, Madam Secretary, created by Barbara Hall and starring Téa Leoni, brought to life the important and tireless work of American diplomats who represent the United States around the world. 

Clay led the initiative that resulted in the donation of sets and prop material from show to the nation’s first-ever museum and educational center dedicated to telling the story of American Diplomacy. Once fully opened, the museum will highlight stories of how diplomacy has played a pivotal role in promoting American national security, prosperity and global leadership around the world.


When build out is finished, the Madam Secretary exhibit will be featured alongside "Read My Pins: The Madeleine Albright Collection" featuring more than 200 jeweled pins worn by America's first "Madam" Secretary.


Secretary Albright used her pins as gentle implements of statecraft that subtly communicated messages during her time in office, powerful visual tools of cultural diplomacy. 


Accompanied by Diplomacy Center Foundation Board Member Michele Manatt, Clay joined Associate Curator Katie Speckart to review the collection when it arrived at the State Department.

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