A Global Strategic Advisor with unique experience in both the public and private sectors, Clay Doherty is a dynamic thought leader operating at the intersection of global affairs, stakeholder engagement and strategic communications. Recognized as a connector with a strong network to draw from and leverage to open doors to smart partnerships and new ideas, Clay is a passionate leader and strategic planner energized by the opportunity to align diverse groups to achieve shared objectives.

Throughout his career, Clay has been a catalyst for change, working with organizations that seek to impact the world. He has brought this personal mission to engagement initiatives for some of the most respected companies and organizations around the world, including the Rockefeller Foundation, USAID, Focus Features, the Democratic National Committee, Carnegie Mellon University, and the Office of the Secretary of Defense. As a strategic planner and communications expert, Clay has also worked with four U.S. presidential campaigns, numerous foreign governments including Australia, India, Somalia and Kosovo, and produced events that featured distinguished leaders such as Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Graça Machel, Tony Blair, Narendra Modi, Madeleine Albright and Howard Schultz.

From 2010-2016, Clay led stakeholder and diplomatic engagement at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the $35 billion federal agency responsible for administering all non-military foreign aid around the world. From leading the agency's public engagement outreach to serving as the senior diplomatic advisor to U.S. and foreign government leaders, Clay built bridges across cultural divides ensuring diverse groups of individuals, governments, organizations and resources could successfully come together to achieve ambitious policy objectives. 

A certified expert in International Protocol and Corporate Etiquette, Clay continued his service in the public interest as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Presidential Library in Hyde Park, New York from 2016-2019.

Clay is an alumnus of the United States Naval Academy and graduate of Hampden-Sydney College. He has a Master of Arts in Political Science (Applied Politics) from American University; an Executive Masters of International Business from Georgetown University; a Corporate MBA from ESADE in Spain; and an Executive Masters in Business Management from the FGV/EBAPE in Brazil.  

Known for his modern, practical approach to engagement, Clay's personal standard of success can be defined as “never leaving anything to chance," always ensuring that every detail, from the largest to smallest, are factored into his strategic planning. With an optimistic passion and commitment to excellence driving every decision, Clay's approach will always be with his personal mantra in mind... "There are no problems, just solutions yet to be found."

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